This is a complete list of the equipment I own and can offer at competitive rates and as part of any job, whether as part of a small or large crew. If you don't see something you want, I can find it.
Sony FX30 Compact Cinema Camera
Steadicam: ActionCam Raptor Pro
Gimbal: DJI RS 3 Pro
Angenieux EZ-1 & EZ-2 Zooms (S35 T2 or FF T3 via switchable rear optical block)
Fujinon MK 18-55 T2.9 E-Mount
Sony G lenses with Auto-focus: 15mm/1.4, 24mm/2.8, 40mm/2.5, 16-55mm/2.8
Dana Dolly
Wireless Video: Teradek Bolt Pro 1000 XT
Wireless Follow Focus: RT Motion 3-channel wireless follow focus
Monitors: 17” Sony OLED Monitor, SmallHD 7" UltraBrite, Atomos Ninja 5"
Quasar X-Fade 4 foot 4 bank in a Kino head - Color temp adjustable, Flozier diffusion
Quasar X-Fade 2 foot 4 bank in a Kino head - Color temp adjustable
Zylight F8 LED Fresnel - Daylight balanced (650W equivalent that can run on batteries)
C-Stands (3x)                                         
Manfrotto 13' Stacker Light Stands (3x)
Avenger 10' Light Stands (2x)
25 lb. sand bags (4x)
42" Collapsible White/Gold reflector
8' x 8' Artificial Silk
Sennheiser Evolution G3 100 UHF Lav Kit (B Channel Group)
Sennheiser Evolution G3 100 UHF Lav Kit (G Channel Group)
Sennheiser ME-66/K6 Short Shotgun
k-Tek Boom Pole
Multi-Cart 500lb. capacity multi-configurable grip cart with optional shelf
Assorted color correction gels, diffusion, gaffer tape, light stands